About Us

Dear Friends,

We are excited to introduce the KSYM Vaad for the 2022 calendar year.  We are looking forward to building on the successful Vaad leadership of previous years, and helping create a vibrant, engaged, and learned community. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or members of the numerous committees that operate within the KSYM community.

Dov Katz, PresidentDov Katz, President

Dov made Aliyah to Modiin with his wife Shira and their 3 (now 4) children in 2011. A Columbia and New York University graduate, Dov has spent 20 years working in technology in the financial services sector. He was active in his former community in New Jersey and currently serves on boards of other non-profits in Israel and abroad.

Hylton Peimer, BuildingHylton Peimer, Building

Hylton is originally from South Africa, but made Aliya from Melbourne in 1999.
He met Daphna in Jerusalem and they live in Modiin with their three teenagers for the last 14 years.
Hylton is the CTO at Datos Health.
His focus on the vaad will be building related.

Gail Sanders, Events and EducationGail Sanders, Education and Events

Gail made Aliyah to Modiin from Silver Spring Maryland together with her husband, Chaim, in 2014, following two of their four children to Israel. B"H she has children and grandchildren both in Israel and the USA. She is a retired Social Worker and a graduate of Stern College for Women (BA) and  Hunter College School of Social Work (MSW.)  

Ely Razin, GabbaimEly Razin, Gabaim

Ely and his wife Zippora made Aliyah in 2011, straight to a house in Buchman that they’d adventurously bought “on paper” while still living in Teaneck, New Jersey. He and Zippora are happily blessed with four children, two careers and one house (a different one). His other job (outside of the shul) is as a high-tech executive. As the shul has been a center of the family’s life since making Aliyah, Ely is happy to finally be able to give back, as part of the vaad. There, his focus will be related to davening and other gabbai issues. Ely’s originally from Toronto.

Dov Einrhorn, BuildingDov Einhorn, Treasurer

Dov made Aliya from Los Angeles in 1994 and has called Modiin home, together with his wife Sheara and their 4 children, for the past 9 years. He is a partner at a US based real estate investment firm and serves on the board at the Israeli Medical Center for Alzheimer’s in Ramat Gan. He was a gabbai at the 8:30 Shabbat minyan for several years and is happy to be serving on the shul vaad as treasurer in 2022 after his first year focusing on all things building related.
Corinne Berzon, Communications and StrategyCorinne Berzon, Communications

Corinne made aliyah in 2003 from Montreal and met her husband, Yechiya, while volunteering with MDA Jerusalem. They moved to Modi’in in 2014 and have four sabra daughters and a dog named Moose. Corinne received her PhD in bioethics from Bar Ilan in 2018 and works in marketing.