About Us

Dear Friends,

We are excited to introduce the new KSYM Vaad for the 2024 calendar year. See our new Vaad members, below (and reach out and say hi:)

We are looking forward to building on the successful Vaad leadership of previous years, and helping create a vibrant, engaged, and learned community.

We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the outgoing Vaad members, Dov Katz, Dov Einhorn and Corinne Berzon for their hard work and dedication over their respective terms on the Vaad, and their exceptional leadership over the past three years.

Finally, if you have anything you want to discuss, please just reach out to me and the rest of the Vaad at our new, shared email address - members@ksym.org.il.

Ely Razin, GabbaimEly Razin, President

Ely and his wife Zippora made Aliyah in 2011, straight to a house in Buchman that they’d adventurously bought “on paper” while still living in Teaneck, New Jersey. He and Zippora are happily blessed with four children, two careers and one house (a different one). His other job (outside of the shul) is as a high-tech executive. As the shul has been a center of the family’s life since making Aliyah, Ely is happy to contribute back to the community, serving the Vaad this year as president (after 2 prior years on the Vaad). Ely is originally from Toronto.

Alexander Grodzinski, TreasurerAlexander Grodzinski, Treasurer

Alexander Grodzinski made Aliyah and moved to Modiin in 2012, together with his wife Esther Malka and four children. Alexander is a licensed accountant, and works in M&A at Israel Aerospace Industries. He has served on the Vaad in the past, and since then has been a member of the shul's audit committee. Alexander looks forward to continuing his involvement in the Shul as treasurer.

Adina Cutler, EventsAdina Cutler, Events

An olah vatika and long-time Modiin resident, Adina is the proud mother of Aderet and Gavriel and this is her third year on the shul Vaad. Adina works in legal marketing and misses performing with Women In Theater. She would love to hear from those of you with ideas for events, youth programming or chessed initiatives. The success of these programs depends on volunteers. Please be in touch if you would like to organize shul programs and committees, such as the events and youth committees, mishloach manot, holiday parties (PG!), kids/teen events, and adult social activities (yes, even during times of social distancing).

Moshe Arking, GabbaimMoshe Arking, Gabaim and Operations

Moshe joined our community in 2015 when he made Aliyah to Modiin with his wife, Frances, and 5 children. As CIO of a US-based fashion company (where he’s worked for the last 24 years), Moshe’s career focus has been technology. In his “spare time” he serves as a volunteer police officer and unit head with the Modiin Police, as a volunteer firefighter and deputy unit head with the Modiin Fire Dept, and as an EMT, crew chief, and ambulance driver with United Hatzalah. He was active in his former community in Brooklyn, serving on various community and school boards and organizations and is eager to do all he can for our shul as a member of the Vaad..

Hylton Peimer, BuildingHylton Peimer, Building

Hylton is originally from South Africa, but made Aliya from Melbourne in 1999. He met Daphna in Jerusalem and they live in Modiin with their three teenagers for the last 14 years. Hylton is the CTO at Datos Health. He is serving his third (and final) year on the Vaad, continuing his focus on building-related matters.

Liora Green, Communication and Member ServicesLiora Green, Communications and Member Services

Originally from Belgium, Liora made Aliyah with her family three years ago after 22 years living in San Diego. She graduated from Bar Ilan University with a degree in French literature and linguistics, and then spent a number of years as a language teacher. After taking time off while the kids were young, Liora then returned to work as a bookkeeper for Orin's wealth management firm. She loves living in Israel and her new KSYM community.

Corinne Berzon, Communications and StrategyGeri Schwartz, Education

Geri and her family moved to Modiin in 2004. As one of the founding members of KSYM, she has been active in the shul and in the community for many years. She previously worked as an Oncology Nurse, and is a Certified Life Coach.
Her responsibilities on the Vaad include overseeing Adult Education and Youth Activities.