About Us

Are you interested in getting involved? Do you have a question and don't know whom to reach out to?  Below is a list of the various committees.  We are always looking for volunteers either as members of the committees or to help on specific events and initiatives. Contact the committee leads below for more details.  

 Committee Name  Description  Key Contact(s)
Vaad The shul board/vaad is composed of 6 members, holding key leadership roles such as President, Communications, Treasurer, Education, Events, Building and Gabbaut.  All committees below, if not headed by Vaad members have one Vaad member assigned to represent them to the Vaad. vaad@ksym.org.il
 Gabbaim  All gabbaim of the various minyanim.

Ely Razin (Vaad)
Elie Sprung


Corona The Corona Committee is responsible for ensuring the shul implements policies as required by the Ministry of Health.  corona@ksym.org.il
Specific Minyanim Gabbaim of specific minyanim. 








 Adult Education Community Shiurim, Lectures, Guest Speakers 

Gail Sanders (Vaad)


Seniors  Activities for our Senior community members Shonny Solow 
Teens ( NEW ) As our community continues to grow, we have recognised a desire for more programming for our teens. We are accordingly in the works of forming a teen committee. The committee will consist of 3-5 adults in our community who will plan for various teen events throughout the year. These events will consist of educational/Torah as well as just for fun.  Anyone who is interested in helping out, hearing more, or volunteering to be on this committee should please be in contact with Ariella Skoczylas by emailing teens@ksym.org.il 

Gail Sanders (Vaad)


Youth  Youth Education and Activities Jessica Green
Nechama Konigsberg Binyamin Casper
Events / Activities

Community/Shul activities and programming. 

Committee Members and Volunteers needed!  

Gail Sanders (Vaad)
Adina Grossman


Chessed & Tzedaka  

Aliza Sussman 
Frances Arking


Aveilut   Rachel Green
Yoni Kra
Elisheva Schreiber
Welcome / New Membership  

Atara Libman
Lisa Silverstein
Esther Korman


Building  All matters related to the building, construction maintenance, improvements.

Hylton Peimer (Vaad)


Communications All matters related to Shul communications over e-mail, WhatsApp, and social media, whether it's inclusion in announcements, distribution of flyers and community events, and urgent notices for the community.

Corinne Berzon (Vaad)
Susan Leibtag 


Finance All matters relating to finances, budget, payments and audit.

Dov Einhorn (Vaad)


New Mothers    Rachel Raymond