UPDATED 5 October, 2021


According to the Green Pass (Tav Yarok) policy, individuals who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 may apply for a document (Green Pass) permitting them to attend tefillot indoors (Upstairs, or Downstairs).  Those who have not been vaccinated may take Rapid or PCR tests to allow them to come to shul on a temporary basis.


As of October 3, 2021, PCR tests are valid for 7 days, and rapid/Antigen tests are valid for 24 hours.


If you are eligible for a Green Pass, but haven’t yet received one, apply here on the MOH website. 

What should I do now?

In order to sign up for any Green-Pass minyanim and activities, you must first pre-register with our administrator who will confirm your eligibility. This is a one-time process until the Green Pass expiration date.  To do this you must complete this form.  You will need a copy of your actual green pass (See example picture below).

What happens next?

Members who have registered their Green Pass will be able to participate in Tav Yarok events in the Shul. It is always recommended to have a copy of the printed Tav Yarok on you at Shul.

The Vaad is committed to finding a workable and compliant solution as the rules keep evolving.


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Example Documents that will be accepted:

Tav Yarok Sample