Our shul has 2 different types of memberships: Building Fund Member and Associate Member.
There are different membership fees for building fund members and associate members. In addition, there are different rates for a family headed by a married couple or for a single parent household.

A Building Fund Member is required to commit to paying $7500 or 26,500 NIS total towards the upkeep of the shul building in addition to their annual membership fee. Building Fund members receive discounts on rental of our shul hall, preference for Yamim Noraim seating and other benefits.

Annual membership fee for Building Fund Members:
Family: 1,650 NIS
Single: 850 NIS

Annual membership fee for non-building fund members (Associate Members):
Family: 2,000 NIS
Single: 1,000 NIS


Join as BF member - Couple  Join as BF member - Single 
Join as Associate Member - Couple  Join as Associate Member - Single