Below please find a list of shiurim  availalbe via Zoom - for security reasons we are not releasing the links - these will be sent to our Whatsapp groups (you can join by writing to  for the link.)



Sundays through Fridays
4:30 pm (12:00 on Fridays) - Pirkei Avot for Kids with Rav Sobol  
Sundays and Wednesdays

8:15 Gemara Sanhedrin with Rav Sobol (Hebrew)


10:00 am English Halacha Shiur with Rav Sobol   


9:00 pm שיעור הלכה צורבא מרבנן ע"י הרב סובול-  עברית


9:00  Timely Topics in Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Enkin (English)

8:00 pm   שיעור הלכה רועה רוחני ע"י הרב סובול בעברית


3:00 pm Pirkei Avot Shiur with Shonny Solow (English) 


9:30 am Parsha Shiur with Rav Sobol (English) 

 Motzei Shabbat

9:00 pm Gemara Baba Kama with Rav Chaim Navon


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